Why buy our grate pulley

Thanks to a combination of special cutters, powerful motor with electronic rotation control, combined with integrated pneumatic traction, we are the fastest in cleaning the laser benches, without any effort. The machine pulls itself!
International patents and certified


  • You will not need to replace usable grids

    only because they are dirty. This results in an estimated saving of 500€ per table. Furthermore, before deciding to replace dirty grills, there will be a period where these will be more or less full of slag, compromising the sheet support surface

  • If you work with dirty grills

    the cutting waste will attach to a bigger surface area and will lift the sheet. Besides, greater points of reflections of the laser beam that will ruin the underside of the sheet. Furthermore, in case of stainless steel there could be the risk of creating rust spots. In general, difficulties for loading and unloading to pass between the grids

  • The Puligriglie contrasts and leans only on the grid that is being cleaned

    it does not lift the ones next to it and does not move them from their place. The plate is higher than the wheels and it is used to stabilize the Puligriglie

  • It can be easily pushed and does not ruin the grids if made of copper

    The Puligriglie advances on wheels and does not scrape the grids

  • It has a small plate and related inserts

    it is simple to pass from one grid to another. If you use those now on the market, an operator will need to tilt the tool in order to clean the next grid

  • High torque = 100 Nm for each cutter
  • HSS drills

    currently the competition is equipped with very economical hardened or cemented steel tools, ours are much quicker in removing the slag

  • Extremely robust

    designed and built with quality materials

  • Minimum maintenance

    there are no parts that need to be replaced at regular intervals, the only operation to be performed is the control of the sharpening of the drills and the possible replacement

  • The cutters are durable

    in the best condition up to 20,000 meters. The competition requires a periodic replacement with consequent costs

  • Puligriglie weight 24 kg

    it can be raised by a person. The value is within the limits allowed by the regulations

Cutting speed:
  • Max. one-way cutting with slightly dirty grids = 28 meters per minute
  • Max. one-way cutting with medium dirty grids = 13.5 meters per minute
  • Max. one-way cutting with very dirty grids = 8.5 meters per minute

We are available Europe wide

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Why we use HSS drills